Eggers und Lenni

Eggers & Lenni and the wild gang of seabirds and fish make Hamburg … and the north German coast … unsafe! They not only travel the rivers and banks of their Nordic homeland, but also foreign worlds and planets. On their adventures they get to know all kinds of people and animals, do the strangest jobs and professions and get into the most bizarre situations. But one thing always remains the same and unshakable: their friendship and the firm belief in the good in this world of ours. Typically North German!


Directly from the Petri dish of the renowned Lauterbach Institute, we show the views and intentions of two viruses, which many contemporaries describe as completely the same, but which could not be more different: influenza and Covid-19. They argue about recognition, distance rules and the great world conspiracy of all scientists who simply do not want to see that viruses rule the world. And facts are no help against a pandemic. Don’t miss the most important news of 2021 from the Federal Ministry of Health. Format: HDV 5 x 3 min

Auf Platte mit Dodo Dronte

The adventures and stories of Dodo Dronte, which describe the happy, serious and sometimes sad experiences of those who have to live on our streets, were created for the Hamburg homeless magazine “Hinz und Kunzt” in close cooperation with the editors. Parallel to the monthly photo comics in the magazine, the Gula Mons film syndicate produced this small mini-series with the Eggers&Lenni ensemble and the newly created figure of the drone bird. Format: HDV 5 x 2 min