Der Ballonmörder“ is a 20-minute educational film with an unusual star cast. 
Ezo1 – The Forces of Madness“ is a feature film production by Gula Mons and is already the second film in a specially created universe. In this bleak vision of the future, humanity is deeply divided. There are deep gulfs between genetically enhanced superhumans, humans immunized from the deadly contaminations of war-ravaged Mars, and those vulnerable to the dangers of the red planet. One dares to leave the secured cities only in the protection of huge tanks. One of these tanks, the “Madness”, which is the main setting of Ezo-1. The script was developed in 2012 under the title “Blood Panzer”. In the following year, the financing of the budget could be secured through a mixture of crowdfunding, investors and own investments. With an old gasworks, a bunker and a museum submarine and museum ship, the right filming locations for the apocalyptic world of Ezo1 were found. 200 people were involved in the making of the film. Of these, 160 alone were actors and extras. The production team consisted of 40 people. After completing post-production at the end of 2016, the genre film specialists from Devil Works were recruited as sales agents. The film sold to 12 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Benelux, Scandinavia. Not bad for a bunch of crazy filmmakers.
Attack of the Egg“ takes place 15 years after the Battle of Yarvin. Luke Skywalker has disappeared and the power-crazed New Order madmen are once again building a planet destroyer. Master Eggers calls upon his old Jedi friend Lenni to investigate rumors of a new prophecy. The dark egg of night shall appear and herald a new darkness. This must be prevented. Lenni is unenthusiastic about confronting the new order’s captors and their demented Sith leader, but Eggers has a compelling argument: This is the way! What are you supposed to do then? The preliminary career highlight of our poultry is the participation in the STAR WARS Celebration Awards 2016 in London, where German participants were admitted for the first time. They didn’t win any prizes, but they did for professionalism, experience and the realization that two North German seagulls are doing quite well on the international stage. The series will continue with more franchise fan films.