Über uns

The Gula Mons Filmsyndikat is a Hamburg-based group of freelance media artists, from the author to the cameraman and post-production experts, who work together on a project basis. Depending on the requirements of the task or the customer, the best team can be put together. In addition, the Ohana Hamburg, as it is called, has a network covering all of Germany, France, Belgium, Great Britain, the USA and Japan.

Sven Knüppel

Regie / Autor

Sven Voss

DoP / Postproduktion

Christiane Hilbert


Fynn Francke

Kamera / Postproduktion

Mathis Menneking

Regie / Dokumentar

Lukas Stahl

Kamera / Postproduktion

Ulrike Gretchen Fuchs


Hannes Jeske

Kamera / Postproduktion